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pedaling a bike?


Strange question, right?

To spend time without pedaling a bike? It gives even a bad to imagine this, even more, to let go of this passion that we have for cycling. And you who are starting up already have or will have, I’m sure.

Sometimes for reasons of travel, study, work or anything else, we have to leave our companion (the bike) standing and leaning. Laying down gives a look of abandonment, my bikes, for example, are hanging in a room of the apartment that I live, they are our exodus.


Best pedaling


If you leave the period tracker for beginners of a week or more, it is a good idea to change the position of the front and rear gearshift. Leaving them in the resting position.

We know that the changes are driven by cables that control the spring of each one of them. This position causes the springs not to be tensioned, thus preventing wear. This way you will not lose the exchange ahead of time.

It is very important to remember that the chain will cross, as it will be out of the normal use position. Just take a look at the back of the bike and you will see that the chain will be misaligned. So when you go back to using the bike, be sure to take the changes from the rest position. Important: Whenever you place or remove the gears from this position, stop the bike. Avoid spoiling your bike’s ratio.


Last word-


This is an important date to promote the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation and to raise awareness among motorists and people that the number of bikes tends to increase worldwide.

The traffic in our country kills more than a lot of war and according to abraciclo today there are approximately 70 million bicycles in circulation. Cyclists need to travel safely and cycling on the road through the streets. The rider needs to be respected.



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