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Best cycling shorts for long distance


This is another question that hangs over the heads of beginning bikers. Should I wear underwear under my best cycling shorts for long-distance? The answer amazes most cyclists because you do not imagine it will be … No.

If the answer already sounds strange, imagine wearing shorts without anything underneath?? !! Galena, this is not a privilege only of men, women should not use anything either.

Cycling shorts


Cycling shorts are made in lyre. This fabric shapes the curves of your body, as our intimate clothes are not produced with material suitable for cycling, the seams, elastics that make them end up causing discomfort and even hurting.

Even when I started pedaling I did not wear these shorts or pay me, I thought it was very strange, and when a friend said that he had to use nothing else underneath, which I did not really use. Gradually I read about it, talking to whoever I was wearing, and then I gave up and started wearing it, but with underwear and other casual shorts on top, because I was very ashamed.


Best idea


Over time I got used to the idea and gradually I was changing. Gradually I took off my casual shorts and then my underwear, today is absolutely normal and no matter where I go, I get good.

If at first, you are not comfortable wearing cycling shorts, do not worry some brands like Refactor and Barbed already produce casual shorts called Free Ride and cost an average of R $ 150.00. I’ve never used this model particularly, but whoever wears ensures that it does not have any bother, which is very comfortable. Even being casual, do not forget, do not use anything underneath.

Here are some tips on what to do to get accustomed to the idea of how to wear cycling shorts.

The cheap is always expensive, look for something comfortable and actually protect your genitals during the pedal. Do not worry, being in your underwear and/underwear does not mean it will hurt you. Good shorts cost around $ 130. Generally, the cheapest ones do not have good quality in the lining.


Measure cycling shorts


Invest in shorts with lining that measure around 60mm and have a sufficient advance to protect your genitals, this is for your comfort and safety the best cycling shorts for long-distance.

No matter how good your bike seat is, no matter how good the shorts you bought, there will always be a certain amount of discomfort after riding for hours.

Due to the increase in temperature and humidity of our body, we tend to develop in greater quantity the action of bacteria and fungi. For this condition, the shorts should be washed immediately after use. Does not neglect personal hygiene, our sweat also produce toxins.

All clothing has an expiration date and with cycling shorts is no different. Be aware of the wear of the lyre, as it lace and scrape, tends to be half-transparent. Caution, after all, you’re without the underwear underneath. You need to look after and see how the shorts lining behaves. For example: before riding 2 hours and it did not bother you, now pedal 1 hour and it bothers, perhaps it is time to change the shorts.


It’s a benefit


At first e, everything seems very strange, people look at us with a certain strangeness, but do not call, the cycling shorts were designed to give us advantages, let the others there. And the more you pedal the more you realize how many benefits it brings you.

I already did the test of pedaling in conventional underwear and the seam hurt my crotch. On another pedal I wore underwear and the stitching ended up bothering me in the back (behind) of the thigh. And with Best cycling shorts for long-distance, nothing underneath the bother is zero.


I have already used Pinks shorts, Refactor 3XU, Barbed and I am currently using one from Telco, called Flex Gel. She is a little heavier than the others, but I have adapted very well to her. I’ve been using it for about 1 year.



NOOYME (Lowest Price) Men’s Cycling Shorts 3D Gel Padded Bicycle Riding Men’s Bike Shorts (XL, Black)

When it comes to buying your first shorts look for a specialized store, try them, they vary in size, cut and type of lining. Sit on a bike in your shorts and see how you feel.

Did the post leave your doubts? Are there any friends who have questions? Comment and share with them.


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