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Have you noticed how a child gets when they see a cyclist performance? Have you seen how she behaves when she’s inside a bike shop? Remember how eager you were to get your first bike?

Following this thought why not present your child with a bike? This post is just to congratulate our children cyclists, but taking advantage of why not talk a little about the advantages of biking in the child’s life?


Child benefits


Cycling has several educational benefits for the child. At cognitive, affective and motor coordination levels.


increases resistance
enhances agility
stimulates and develops the balance
creates an ecological awareness
encourages social interaction
improves self-esteem
strengthens bones
reduces obesity
improves blood circulation
the child learns values such as tolerance, respect and solidarity
assists in training
And strengthens family ties.

Have you ever noticed a child’s face as she pedals? Encourage the children to pedal, she will be eternally grateful for it.

The Road market has been growing steadily in the world, so TSW and Groove, for example, have expanded their range of models. Many people are migrating from MTB to Speed for a variety of reasons. Of course, the opposite also happens.


Some to vary of modality, others to complement training and has also those that use the Speed in the day to day, therefore they are super light and fast. There are those enthusiasts who simply enjoy Road Bikes and pedal with them for pure pleasure, just like me. Thanks to the rapid changes that occur in the market, today we have access to these models with competitive prices and excellent quality in the products. The thing that was not very accessible until a few years ago.


Another thing I noticed is that rim bikes 29 with a simple configuration should have a lower demand. They are bikes with less technology and produced with pieces of inferior quality.


Remember that some models do not allow upgrade and in other cases, it is much more expensive to change the configuration than to invest in a better bike at the beginning. Beware the cheap is always expensive.


Manufacturers have produced 21V bikes with hydraulic brakes (Groove Zouk HD), something that until recently was not common to see. Generally, models from 24V were equipped with this type of brake.

Did you see how the market adapts to the needs of beginning and intermediate cyclists?



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