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Cycle clothing clearance


When we start pedaling we do not give much importance to some accessories such as cycle clothing clearance. We found some needed some not so much. Most of the time, because we are not aware of the benefits that cycling clothing brings us,

we do not make a point of using them, even more, that some friends can go out and play with you, because the clothes are well glued to the body. If I’m going to be bullshit, then why should I invest in a set of shorts and a shirt, since I have comfortable shorts and t-shirts at home?


Cycling clothing outlet


High-performance cyclists are increasingly looking to lower their time in training and testing and for this to happen companies develop lighter, more aerodynamic clothing. As a result, new products arrive in stores, so that beginner and amateur cyclists also have access to them.

Currently, there is a lot of technology applied to these clothes so that they provide us with more comfort and safety while we are sitting for a few hours in the bike seat. So how can a cycling shirt improve my performance of the cycle clothing clearance? What benefits will I have? How to choose a good shirt?


Buy clothes


If this is the first time you are going to buy your shirt, avoid buying over the internet, it is best to try it, get to know the fabric, see if it is too short or too tight. It can vary from one manufacturer to another. Some cyclists like to combine the color of the clothes with the bike and the helmet. In my point of view, you do not have to stick to it, find a color that you like and preferably that draws the attention of vehicles and pedestrians, this is one of the important points of your choice, shirt with flashy colors.

The vast majority of cycling shirts have reflective bands on the back, try to invest in one that has this extra detail. They shine with the headlights of the vehicles. Usually, they have 3 bottom back pockets, some with zipper pockets and some not. They are super useful for storing document, tool, cereal bars and etc. Oh, do not worry about losing your belongings because the pockets are funds.


Choose and enjoy


It may be that when you try on the shirt for the first time you find it strange because it is fair (to diminish the effects of wind resistance), the elastic on the bar and the sleeves serve to keep the piece on your body while you enjoy your pedal, imagine that filling has to pull it all the time because it does not stop in place! Do not forget to make some movements with your arms to see if the fabric gives you freedom of movement.

Another detail that often goes unnoticed is the front zipper. Some are small and others are one-sided. By this accessory, the cyclist controls are best cycle clothing clearance the entrance of wind in its body. If you feel very hot the ideal would be a full zippered shirt. Generally, cycling shirts are made in Lycra, Polyamide, Polyester, Dry-Fit and etc. Because of the micro-holes in them, drying is super-fast, when you get rain and also evaporate the sweat more quickly, always keeping your body temperature balanced, whether on hot or cold days. And in my opinion, the most important detail to pay attention to when buying the shirt.

See if her tissue has UV Protection treatment since you will be exposed to the sun for a long time and this can cause burns, premature aging, and skin cancer. If you go for a long pedal on a hot sunny day, moisturize well and give yourself a sunscreen. Long sleeve shirt, is a good choice to protect the arms from the sun, I particularly do not like, even on the hottest days. It is indicated for those with sensitive skin. The tissue also should have antibacterial treatment, since our organism produces toxins, even of bad smell. A good cycling shirt costs around $ 120.00.


And the shorts? What benefit do I have in using it?


Do you know those unwanted pains in the buttocks that you feel when you sit on the saddle? If you are using the wrong saddle and you feel pain, now imagine yourself without the cycling shorts?! A casual short that you wear generates discomfort, because as you pedal it slides on the saddle, this can cause rashes, besides the bother, and may even make you give up pedaling.

Contrary to popular belief, even cycling shorts are very comfortable, because they are designed to improve performance and give us comfort. Our point of contact on the bike is feet, hands, and gluts. During the pedaling, our hands absorb the impacts, but we wear gloves. Our feet absorb the impacts by the sneakers and/or sneakers. And the gluts? It is the shorts that absorb the impact. Did you see how important it is to use it, no matter what others think or say? The lining of Bermuda varies from brand to brand but is made up of a kind of foam, made of wool or gel.


As a beginner


For beginner cyclists, the shorts are not going to give a mega-speed result, but it sure helps a lot, but watch out for the saddle thing. It’s no use having the best shorts in the universe if your seat is not suitable for your riding style or your body. They are usually made of polyester and Lycra and have silicone elastic to hold the shorts in the thighs and not get up. Some shorts have fabrics with UV treatment since we spend hours exposed to the sun, this piece also has the function of maintaining the body temperature. That is, it has microvessels that eliminate sweat.

You must be thinking of the sweat-soaked lining right? Do not worry; the technology is in our favor because this technology to eliminate sweat keeps the lining dry. There are numerous cycle clothing clearance brands and models of shorts, try several to see which brand and cut fits best to your body. Sit on a bike with your clothes to see how your clothes fit. They have antibacterial fabric and should be washed immediately after use.

Remember that our sweat produces toxins. And it is best to wear it without underwear. Even if you are a beginner, invest in a cycling uniform, it’s worth it, you’ll ride more comfortably, more safely and do not ruin your casual clothes.

A pair of shorts with a good cost x benefit costs around $ 130.00. Brands like Barbed, Refactor, and Free Force are found in a specialized store. If the post helped you to clear your doubts about why you wear cycling clothing, comment and share it with your friends.


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