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Here in the dictionary of Tips, you will find weekly posts with the meaning of bicycles parts and accessories that make up the bike, is a basic glossary with technical terms and some tips.

In this post, some items of the letter C. Galena, along with the Dictionary of tips will also be posted some bike brands and country of origin.


Let’s get to know more about this wonderful world of bikes?


The cable of Steel – responsible for the activation of the mechanical brakes, the front, and the rear derailleur. Currently, people have been looking for more hydraulic brake (driven by mineral oil) on the MTB’S because they are more accurate in braking

Conduit – leads the steel cable to brakes and shifts. It also has the function of protecting them from impurities. One does not work without the other. When we tighten the brake lever, for example, the cable is drawn and the conduit is pushed, this is done at the same time.

Cab and Conduit Tip – Every 4 or 5 revisions you make on your bike, change the cable and conduit assembly, this ensures better performance in gear shifting and braking.

Camera – produced in rubber is placed between the tire and the rim, its main objective is to generate comfort and safety to the cyclist also acting to absorb impacts. There are 2 models, Schrader valve (thick nozzle) also called American valve and lends (fine tip).

Camera Tip – avoid patching the camera many times, one hour it will leave you in the hand. They have to be compatible with the measures of the wheels and the tires and some models of the wheel only accept chamber of fine tip.

Chain – part formed by several links, responsible for transferring the force that the cyclist applies to the crown and the pinion is the bicycles parts and accessories.

The hint of chains – always keeps it clean and lubricated, since the life of your bike’s relationship depends a lot on this procedure.

Cycling pants – usually produced in lyre, keeps the temperature balanced

Cycling shirt – are usually made in Dry Fit, its fabric also balances the body temperature, has UV protection and is also anti-bactericidal.

Toolkit – key set for quick repairs during rides and trails. Usually, it has all the keys Allen of the bike and exited models with current draw.

Tip of the Key Pocket Knife – invest in one with a chain punch because their price difference is reasonably cheap, and it can save your pedal, especially if you are away from home.

Cadim de Slim – component of the bike responsible for attaching the saddle to the frame. It allows height adjustment that provides more comfort and safety.

Caramanhola or bottle – plastic container, can be thermal or not, used for the cyclist to store water for hydration or isotonic. Fixed on the frame of the bike through a stand of its own.

Caravanned tip – regardless of whether you live in a warmer or colder region, always hydrate yourself. At least every 15 minutes take a sip of water. Invest in a thermal shell; it’s worth it because it keeps the liquid ice cold for a longer time.

Cassette or K7 – is part of the bike transmission. Set of opinions that are fixed to the rear wheel. They can be composed of 6, 7, 8,9,10, 11 and 12 pinions. To know how many gears or speeds the bike has is simple; simply multiply the number of opinions on the rear wheel by the number of the crown on the crank (the part where the pedals are fixed). Largest pinion light gear, smaller pinion heavy gear.

For example, 3 crowns on the crank and 8 opinions on the cassette, results in a total of 24 gears.

Cycle computer – accessory fixed on the bike handlebar to mark your average speed, time, total and partial odometer. Total and partial distance. Some models already record heart rate, altitude, and cadence. It has a magnetic sensor fixed to the spokes and a magnet attached to the suspension as the front wheel rotates, the sensor captures the information and shows in the computer cycle. It has wired and wireless.

Computer Cycle Tip – in my opinion, the ideal is to use the wireless version, because the one that comes with wire is susceptible of problems due to the trepidation of the bike and in a track, the wire can twine in a branch.

Cadence – is the way that the rider finds to keep the rhythm of the pedaling constantly.

Front Wheel Drive – mechanism responsible for running the chain on the bike crowns.

Rear Shift – or little monkey, as it is known in some regions, has the function of keeping the chain tensioned, so that it moves correctly from one opinion to the other.

Currency Tips – keep them always regulated, cables and conduit should always be in good condition, otherwise, this will compromise the smooth operation of both exchanges. And do not try to do this at home, look for a specialized store with a professional mechanic.

Crown – the part that is part of the transmission ratio of the bicycles parts and accessories, responsible for the passage of the chain, attached to the crank and the central movement. Unlike the cassette, the largest crown is the heaviest gait and the smallest is the lightest gait.

Bike path – space reserved for bikes, physically separated from the flow of other vehicles. This separation can be done in a variety of ways: through walls, curbs, concrete blocks among other things.

Cycle course – it is when you have a band painted on the asphalt indicating a space for the bikes, there is no physical separation. Usually, cat or turtle eyes are set to separate from the flow of other vehicles.

Usually mapped and signaled, indicates a route. Most of the time this route leads the cyclist along bike paths.


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