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Which the best bike seat is for you? When we get on the bike our body automatically connects in 3 points. The handlebars, the pedals, and the saddle. In this post, I will comment exclusively on the last item.

Many people imagine that a wide, gel-saddle saddle is extremely comfortable to ride for a few hours, but that’s not quite the case. But before you worry about the saddle, you need to define which mode of cycling you want to practice.


For example, if you pedal on a saddle like the one mentioned above for hours, you can be sure that you will have problems with groin rashes. Because they are wide, they are scraped on the inner thighs.


Most comfortable bike seat in the world


When starting cycling again is normal body pain, after all, is the beginning of a new activity in which you are not accustomed. But after a few weeks, he adapts. As you are starting do not abuse, pedal about 3 times a week, intercalated between a day of the pedal and rest day and gradually increase the MMS The recommended is an increase of 3 to 5 km each pedal.

Now, if after a couple of weeks pedaling still feel pain in the buttocks, for example, do not give up, it could be that you are wearing the wrong saddle. But then how will I know which saddle is correct?

It is quite simple, you need to focus first on a single point: to know that the width of your ischia (bones that constitute the lower part of the hip and that support the body when we are sitting), must be compatible the width of the saddle. Women have a greater distance between the ischium, so they usually use wider saddles, but it is worth remembering that this is not a rule for them, since more and more we see women seeking high performance in cycling.

Each of us has his own anatomy, so when you see your friend pedaling comfortably on a different saddle than yours and you suffering from gluteal pains, do not worry because the distance of his and hers’ is different. The best way to know if the saddle is comfortable is by testing.

And to know how far from your bones you will need to use a special ruler called Ass-o-Meter that has memory foam, i.e. it records the width of the bone by kneading and this makes it possible to identify the approximate width of the saddle. Some stores have this tool to aid in their choice.

If you can, look for a good professional to do a Bike Fit. (Measures saddle height, correct size of handlebar support, handlebar and etc.). This will definitely leave your bike as the extension of your body.The measurements best bike seat of saddles varies from 120 to 230 mm in width; this is the distance of the great majority of the opening of the ischium.

Wrong positioning of the saddle, for example, can cause discomfort, numbness (caused by poor blood circulation), and pain in the perineum (the base of the pubis where the genitals and the anus are situated). And this can happen with both men and women.

This type of adjustment can be done at home even using a level, a rectangular container full of water (the water has to be parallel the edges of the container) or thanks to technology, using an App called Morgan Saddle Adjust, functioning similarly to the level.

With the bike on the ground, support the phone or tablet on the saddle. Adjust the saddle until the bubble is centered and tighten the screw to finish.

Now that we have seen some tips about the saddle bike and you have already defined which mode of cycling will practice, it is time to see which models and which bikes they are used.


Slim Cruise Model


This model is very common in walking bikes (comfort), used in parks, beaches and light, and flat routes. Most are in gel with springs or elastomer (natural synthetic rubber with the function of damping). They are very heavy and whoever walks on these bikes does not give much importance to this. Hardly will you see a saddle of this equipping a Road Bike (Speed) or an MTB (Mountain Bike) because besides mischaracterizing the bike leaves her esthetically very strange and heavier. They weigh around 700g, cost an average of R $ 80.00 and the best-known brand is Sale Royal.


Slim Sportswear


In general, it is more anatomical, used by cyclists who enjoy cycling, urban, pedaling sports in both MTB and Speed. The back of these saddles has an average width of 140mm. The front is thinner, providing a slightly faster pedaling since this part does not interfere so much in the movement of the thighs. If you intend to use this model of saddle. I also indicate the use of cycling shorts, because when you reach 15 or 20km of the pedal, you can be sure that your gluts begin to hurt and bother and your greatest desire will be to return home. Do not let these details get in the way.


Slim Pro Model


They are super best bike seat thin and uncomfortable because they do not have much foam, they are used by cyclists who look for high performance in the modalities, MTB, technical trails, cross country and etc. In some cases, they are made of carbon fiber to generate less weight on the bike and increase the yield. These saddles project the cyclist forward to increase cadence. They weigh on average 120g and cost from R $ 200.00. Example brands: FSA and Fizik. For those cyclists, every ounce of grass makes all the difference in the races. In this case, comfort does not count.


Ant prostatic Model


The prostate is a male exocrine gland near the urethra, which together with the seminal vesicles produce the spermatic fluid. There is no scientific study yet that cycling has anything to do with the onset of prostate cancer. These doubts and rumors still linger over the heads of some cyclists and people who want to practice cycling. Proven or not, there are a few ideal GP saddles on the market today that is poured in the center. This vain has as main objective to relieve the pressure off the perineum. But be aware of the following: pressure may be concentrated in another region of the gluteus. The best way to know is to experiment. T his model costs on average R $ 50.00, weighs around 200 to 300g. Brands that I mention and know are WG, Absolute, and Eleven.



Slim Gel Cover


For added comfort, many beginner cyclists tend to look for these covers. I particularly do not recommend it. First, because they are expensive, they cost approximately $ 50, according to if you put them in a sports seat they do not fit properly, because they are wider. They take time to dry when wet and finally over time they tend to loosen the tuning strings, creating something uncomfortable, like dancing on the bike. It is preferred to invest in an appropriate gel saddle. These covers are often used by athletes who practice Spinning in the academies.


And to finish


As you are starting a new sport in your life, avoid physical exhaustion, watch for numbness in the genital area, this is not normal; after all, you are compressing veins and arteries of your body. Your health and your well-being are always in the first place. When buying your bike in a specialized store already have a professional adjust it according to your measurements, Zale for your comfort and safety. If you adjusted the best bike seat and numbness remains, seek medical advice. Always wear cycling shorts with lining, as we are not professional cyclists looking for high performance, we avoid very hard saddle. Enjoyed the post? Comment and share with your friends who are starting cycling.


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