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Everything that goes down goes up and vice versa. Currently how to replace gears on a bike are faster, the components are better and lighter, and consequently, they reach high speeds, especially on descents.

Because of the fearsome beginner cyclists get so tense and nervous on the descents that the body gets all rigid. Fear causes muscle contraction. Try to enter the confident descent and with your body relaxed, get off with the two brakes on simultaneously until you reach a speed where you feel safe. The descent will pass, stay calm. You will overcome.


Physical therapy bicycle pedals


As soon as the descent ends and you feel out of danger, your blood circulation, breathing, and digestive functions will normalize. But as the muscles remain stiff for a certain period, they develop a certain vice of being stressed and this causes fatigue more easily. This muscle fatigue can become a mild pain.

Muscle fatigue becomes an obstacle in your performance on the ascent that comes after every descent. Do this 3x a week alone or with someone you trust, you will surely overcome this fear and in a short time, your mind and body will be superfluous in any and every descent.
Please be careful about self-confidence when you are comfortable with the descents. Overconfidence can knock you down and hurt you. You need to take care of yourself.




At the beginning almost every rider escapes from the climbs, to start pedaling in a group is very good, but soon comes that question, the route of today has much rise?

Even when I began to pedal, I even went down and pushed the bike in the great majority of climbs. It was going downhill, but it was getting out of the way.

Today when I pass through them I see my overcoming, I see that it was worth every effort. The bike is overcoming, the bike is motivation how to replace gears on a bike are faster. You can and will overcome each ascent of your journey. Did boar put an end to this fear of the rises?

As I mentioned above, if you go through a relaxed and relaxed descent, your climb performance will be much better. If you are not afraid of descents, but there are climbs, the first tip I give you is not to waste your energies pedaling like crazy, trying to pass the climb in the throttle.

I’m sorry to tell you that this is no good, the chill will only go up to a certain point of the climb and then you’ll have to face it. Let the physics do the part of it, the bike goes down by itself. But please always come down safely.




Winning a climb: what’s important for you to win the climb is the rhythm you print, start with a steady pace and work the bike’s gears until you find the correct cadence (rhythm, compass). If it is necessary to fit in the lighter gears, both the front and rear.

Important: Do not pedal too fast, this will leave you breathless and tired. Also, do not pedal too slowly, as your effort will be much greater and you will feel muscle fatigue quickly.

Go without haste, in your rhythm. Do not worry about others. Remember that your focus here is to beat the climb. Make your pedal, make your time. If you reach a certain point of the climb and see that you cannot take it anymore and need to get down and push, that’s fine at first, this is more normal than you think.

Several cyclists have already done this and many wills. Do not take your body to the extreme if you know it will not work after all your body is still adapting to a new sport.


Bicycle climbs


I started to win the climbs by doing the following: I would pick up a reference point on the way up, a sign, for example, make a freak and get to it. At the next pedal I would pick up another point above that plate, it could be a tree for example. And gradually I was winning the climbs. You will see that you will overcome these climbs much faster than you think.

Another very important tip is to breathe properly, especially if the climb is quite steep. Breathe in very slowly, fill your lungs well and then slowly let the air out, something like blowing out a candle, breathe in calmly.

As you increase your pedal frequency during the week, your physical and breathing capacity will improve and consequently will win the next climbs more easily. Persist, it’s worth it.

some beginner cyclists like to win the climbs zigzagging; this also helps a bit, but please is careful not to make a zing gag very open, as there are cars traveling in the same direction as you and the car do not expect you to do this maneuver. Please take care.


Cycling benefits for legs


Your posture on top of the bike will also help you overcome the climb, much-flexed legs force too much and because the pain in the knees, much-stretched legs causes it to overlap the saddle, cause friction and will not give you the strength correct.

Look for new routes and how to replace gears on a bike are faster, diversify your paths, the bike has this great advantage, but remember everywhere will have a climb and us cyclists we have to be “friends of climbs.” They strengthen us, they teach us, and in a little while, we see that they are not so bad.

How do you do to win the climbs? Comment here, share with your friends who do not like climbs and descents.


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