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bicycle lifestyle


Sedentary is defined as the lack, absence or decrease of physical or sports activities are bicycle lifestyle. Considered as the disease of the century, it is associated with the daily behavior resulting from the comforts of modern life. People who have a caloric expenditure reduced weekly by the absence of sports practice are considered sedentary or with sedentary habits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Why lifestyle


It has changed drastically the way of life, the population is not moving and this can bring serious risks to health. Your lifestyle is defined by what you do most of the day.

The day-to-day running, the crazy stress we experience leave us lazy, tired and when we get home at the end of the day the only desire is to sit on the couch in front of the tv and do absolutely nothing until the next day.

And that is where the danger lies. In one way or another we all know how important it is to have a healthy life, we all seek to have a better quality of life, but unfortunately, it is our body that pays with all this load of a sedentary lifestyle.

It is proven that pedaling helps to combat various evils of the modern world, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and depression. Pedaling contributes to weight reduction and acts in an anti-inflammatory way. Start slowly with a few km and increase gradually, remember that you are standing still for some time.


Types of cycling pedals


According to physical trainer Venice’s Passion, creator of the 48 Hour Burn Program, our body signals when it needs physical exercise. Are they:

  • Tiredness at the end of the day – this is one of the clearest signs of a sedentary lifestyle. As you exercise you will become more willing.
  • Daily stress – the practice of physical activity produces serotonin and endorphin, well-being hormones.
  • Overweight – the clearest sign is visible from a sedentary lifestyle because besides the aesthetic side, being overweight is one of the biggest causes of heart problems and circulation among many other diseases.
  • Shortness of breath in simple activities – another indication of a sedentary lifestyle, when you climb a few flights of stairs when you run for a few meters and gasp. This means that you are without physical endurance.
  • Light sleep and badly slept nights – if you wake up tired physical activity will help you to have more quality in your sleep. Sleep better is quality of life.

There are numerous reasons to quit. Let’s see some reasons why you start pedaling and changing your life.


  • It is used for sports, recreation, and transportation,
  • Pedaling removes toxins from the body increases circulation in the kidneys,
  • reduces the risk of premature death by about 40%,
  • help decrease asthma symptoms,
  • accelerates the metabolism,
  • strengthens muscles and increases stamina, is one of the most complete exercises for the body and works the main muscles,
  • strengthens the calf, considered our second heart,
  • increases respiratory capacity,
  • keeps the arteries clear,
  • strengthens back muscles, helps relieve back pain,
  • improves the ratio of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol,
  • the bike is one of the best antidepressants that exists,
  • reduces anxiety,
  • tones the brain,
  • takes you out of the comfort zone,
  • you will be much happier,
  • The bike is overcoming, it is motivation.

A very important tip: consult your doctor before you start pedaling by bicycle lifestyle; make a physical assessment to see if you are fit for exercise. And if you want to lose weight, great, pedaling is an aerobic activity and will help you a lot. Seek out nutrition professional and change your eating habits.

Did the post help you learn more about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle? Comment and share with your friend who is putting off pedaling.


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