Bicycle headlight generator

This is another super bicycle headlight generator important safety item that you must have on your bike. The illumination.

There are several options and models of lighting systems for your bike, the most efficient are those that have as a power source batteries, rechargeable or not. They work even though the bike is not moving, has low maintenance and is currently super light and compact.

The most used are safety cheap bike lights silicone kits, sold in a pair, one white light for the front and another red light for the rear. One is fixed on the handlebars and the other on the seat post. Powered by CR 2032 batteries, these are flat round batteries used in wristwatches. This model is widely used by cyclists who walk on illuminated public roads. Remember that this model of lighting is a beacon; it does not have enough power to illuminate the holes in the streets and cannot be seen at long distances.

Great lighting models

The headlight model is a little more efficient, they already help you pass through the darker streets where there is less public lighting. Your bike can already be seen from a slightly higher distance. AAA batteries are powered by batteries. Front headlight composed of led lights, with storing and stable functions. Rear light comprises the same functions, however, on bikes, the rear light will always be red and the front will always be white. Do not reverse this order, as this may confuse the driver who travels the streets.

The models mentioned above are powered by some kind of battery that will sooner or later come to an end. And as we live in an age where we are all concerned about the environment, remember to discard those batches in their own places. Nature thanks.

Thank God today we have the technology available for all sports modalities, and we cyclists also win with it. The investment is a little higher, but it is rewarding in every way, especially when we deal with your security, which is the subject matter of that article.

Types of lights list

Today there are types of flashlights both rear and front that are extremely strong and can be seen from meters and meters away, and best of all: they come with its own charger, or via USB or with chargers like what we have in our phones cell phones.

Being seen at great distances makes it’s pedaling much more pleasurable and safe; this model of lighting has a much greater autonomy of use than those with conventional batteries. The weather very well, since at any moment you may be surprised by the rain.

This model of rear light, in continuous use, has an average of 3 hours in duration. The cost is very affordable and the installation is super easy.
And lastly, the headlamp led 900 Lumens. These headlights are suitable for pedestrians in places with total lack of light, walks on rural roads and closed trails.

Bike lights quality

They are extremely strong; have high, medium and strobe lights. Accompanying these headlights: a charger, a battery, and rubber rings for attachment to the handlebars. They are armored and totally approve of water. In these types of the headlamp and bicycle headlight generator, the strobe function lasts on average 1h30m, in that function battery is consumed quite quickly.

I use this model of a headlamp for approximately 3 years, but always in the function of the average headlamp, where the durability gives an average of 3 hours of use.

In my opinion, independent of only riding in the city, rarely rural roads and trails, I am always in favor of the higher power front and rear lights. As has been said, the investment is a bit higher, but our security always comes first.

Pedal in peace, short the paths you have scheduled to do, short each moment without worrying if any driver does not see your bike. Invest a little more and short each km of your pedal.

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