Helmet – Essential Accessory – Times changed, bicycle helmet accessories became lighter and consequently faster.

Even though there are still people who insist on riding without a helmet, for some the bikes are still considered a simple toy, a time passes, that thing that child used to literally play with friends.

Bicycle helmet parts

You cannot leave home and just forget about it. This is an item that should be used by every cyclist, regardless of the distance to be covered.

Contrary to what many people think, they are extremely light and comfortable, have a large ventilation area and contain foams inside so that their use brings even most comfortable bike saddle in this article, we’ll cover a little bit about the effectiveness of helmets and the correct and incorrect way of using them.

Should impact break?

Yes, it must break at the time of impact. There are those who think that broken helmets are synonymous with poor quality, but they shatter to dissipate the energy of the beat.

It’s not a good idea to throw it around when you get home; it’s not good to drop it on the floor too often. This indicates the bad use of the accessory and gradually the components that compose it are changing and losing the performance for which it was proposed.

Gradually until the sun’s UV rays wear out the materials of the helmets and over time their performance falls. And a stronger impact can compromise the function he has to protect us.

On average your life is 3 years, but if you happen to have a fall and it is somewhat strong, even if the helmet does not break, the point is to change it, because your performance will already be compromised if there is another which gives.

What is the correct use?

It is very important that the helmet is adjusted in the correct way so that it fulfills its function efficiently and protects you as much as possible. See below for incorrect ways and the correct way to wear the helmet.

1. Wrong way to road bicycle helmets. Placed crooked as shown in the photo above, besides being left with an unprotected area on the head, it is totally uncomfortable and very dangerous.

2. This way is also incorrect because, in addition to not protecting the forehead, any fall, however small, the helmet will leave the head, as it is with the jugular loose.

Helmet placed correctly.

3. And finally, this is the correct way to use the helmet, where all the regions of your head are covered and with the jugular properly adjusted. Put the helmet on the head; regulate the jugular so that it does not suffocate and so that it does not easily fall out. Remember to also adjust the pulley on the back of the helmet.

The use of this item is not mandatory, but it is of the utmost importance, it is an individual the bicycle helmet accessories and several lives are saved daily through its use. Do not be part of that statistic that gets hurt by not wearing a helmet, use your head.

It does not bother to pedal as many people think and as we talked about in the article. They are light and comfortable. In general, the accessories for us cyclists are designed to give us protection and comfort.

Do not buy a very cheap one, because the cheap always comes out expensive. Preferably your first one is in a specialized physical store, so you can experiment and make sure it is the correct size. They vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

A few months ago I started wearing a helmet of the High One model MV 29, which in addition to having an excellent cost x benefit is very comfortable and quite protective.

If this post somehow helped you and raised your doubts about the correct way to use the helmet, comment and share with your friends.