Bike lubricant Oil or Wax Relationship – What better?

Until recently we used Singer bike lubricant oil in the chains of bikes, and that was what we had the best, our bikes evolved thanks to God and also evolved products to lubricate the relationship. A relation is the set of crank, cassette or ratchet and chain.

Although many people still use Singer oil, I use this example because it is the best known, but there are other brands on the market.

Bike lubricant

I particularly do not suggest using this type of oil because it holds a lot of dirt in the relationship and smears the bike’s frame, and if the frame is white and you do not have a protector, that’s it, that’s it, scratch everything.

The use of the oil mentioned above is not advisable, because of this; it turns a paste that sticks to the chain, creating with time glue that holds all impurity and dust, and to wash only diesel or other specialized products available in the market. And its thin crust of dirt that over time is wearing out the relationship of your bike, that’s for sure you, will not want to because after all, they are our passions. And we like to take care of them.

Chainset vs Crankset

Keep the chain always lubricated.

Currently, there are lubricating waxes that are biodegradable, that is, nature itself decomposes and is not harmed thereby.

The waxes have a high penetration and lubrication power, used in high-performance chains, MTB, Urban Bikes, and Road Bikes.

It has the great advantage of reducing the wear of the chain, increasing its useful life. Usually when it spends it needs to change complete, crank, chain and cassette and depending on the case is not at all cheap.

The use of the wax in the ratio reduces the noise and makes the pedaling more pleasant; less effort and much more yield.

Whenever you wash the bike or when the pedal gets rain or goes through a creek, it will leave, but do not worry, finish the pedal short all the way and at the next pedal pass the wax again.

It is very simple to use the lubricating wax. If this is the first time you are going to use it and the current of your bike is all dirty with ordinary oil and grease, I recommend never using grease, wash the ratio well with diesel bike lubricant oil or some specialized product. Remove all debris and debris from the previous use.

Apply the wax, in sufficient quantity to form a layer on the track, wait a few minutes and a good pedal.

In the next applications, you do not have to make the layer on the current. I usually use Tec wax 50, which costs around $ 25.00. I place the nozzle of the tube over the chain, tighten and give about 3 turns on the crank. Even without wetting the ratio, I usually apply the wax 1 or 2 times a week, of course, wetting, increases the number of the application.

Passing wax into the chain

Take good care of the relationship of your bike, do not forget to lubricate it, it’s worth it. Remember to do review periodically.

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