bicycle facts and statistics,bicycle facts

Here we have some curiosities the bicycle facts and statistics from the world of bikes. In this article, we will see how the bike can change your life for the better, especially in your health.

1. Bikes and cardiovascular diseases…

Every 40 seconds a Brazilian dies due to cardiovascular diseases. One of the main risk factors is the lifestyle in which sedentary, obesity, stress and other habits that can be enlivened with the practice of pedaling are placed.

It is proven that pedaling keeps the arteries clear, reduces diabetes, improves blood pressure, reduces cancer rates, and thousands of other benefits that will always be placed on pedal tips.

Cycling is my life

2. Economy wears through congestion…

111 Billion Is the value that the Brazilian economy loses every year, due to congestion, poorly planned routes and precarious public transportation, according to a study by the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro?

Use your bike, get away from this crazy city traffic, save time, get healthy, get a life.

Respect the traffic laws, never peddle, respect the vehicles and they will respect you too.

Wear a helmet even if you only have to walk a block.

3. Studies at Brunet University in London…

According to a survey by Brunet University in London, those who learn to ride a bicycle essay for work are six times healthier than other workers.

And if the journey from your home to work is an average of 5 km, the ideal is to use the bike even, faster, less traffic and much health.

Galley, even on short paths always uses the helmet.

4. Out of this statistic…

67 Million Brazilians do not practice any physical activity facts, according to the Map of Sedentary, released by the Ministry of Sport.

Let’s not be part of that statistic, just keep your mind and body healthy, and keep your bike always checked and good pedal.

5. Increase your life expectancy…

Only 75 minutes of pedaling a week increase life expectancy by up to six months, according to a recent study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

So guys, let’s make a force and put 30km per week as a goal pedal. But increasing gradually and without forcing more than your body can handle. Pedaling makes a difference in body, mind, and life.

Monthly will be posted with the curiosity of the world of the bike and if somehow these curiosities moved with you, short, comment and share with your friends.