Cycling gloves review


What is a cycling gloves review? Who does not remember those superbike tires as a kid? Yes, today we cannot afford to fall and stay home well, even if the next day has to work.

Because of our instinct, when we fall off the bike the first part of the body that touches the ground is our hand, and worst of all, it is the palm of the hand that suffers the most.

Then you can imagine how important it is to use gloves, even if you do not like it, that you think will bother you, in time you will see that it does not disturb you at all.


Cycling Glove…


There are two models of cycling gloves, the half finger, which are the most used and the whole finger. Now a model has come up that I do not tell anyone to wear, which is a whole finger glove with Touchscreen on the fingertips of the fingers.

Galena pedaling and the cell phone does not roll, is dangerous. Cell phone and bike only when stopped. That’s the tip.


Best bicycle gloves


Whole cycling gloves full finger have a larger protection area and are more commonly used in the cold are often used on technical trails, even because trail paths are filled with twigs and rocks. They get warmer and end up limiting mobility as well.

The half-finger gloves protect less, warm up less, but give you more mobility, are often used for recreational, casual and cyclotourism (MTB).

It is obvious that when we pedal we will perspire enough and the gloves do not let the sweat of your arms descend to the mittens, thus preventing your hands from slipping. You will not want your hands flat and your bike going through a hole right?! This is all right, pedal safely.

Some cycling gloves review is a bit tense and anxious in the first few km, especially when they are starting, so they can tighten their mitts more than necessary. The gloves will avoid calluses and even numbness and tingling, resulting from the pressure of the hands on the mittens.

If you are wearing gloves and even though your hands are numb, there is probably something wrong with your position on the bike. Avoid throwing too much weight on your hands.


Best cycling gloves for long rides


There are extra padded cycling gloves on the palm, including some gel models, are extremely comfortable and durable. It has models with the toed part of the big tool to wipe the sweat and also with small handles to facilitate the withdrawal.
A good gel glove today costs around $ 60, is a relatively low value for the comfort and security that provides you

I already used Gloves of the brand Vision Gel are good, but I thought they did not last long, hence I bought a glove from Fox and to get an idea, I use it until today and this already about 2 years ago. She’s a bit jaded but she’s still functional and I’m short.

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