clip on handlebars advantage


Bar End and clip-on handlebars advantage are actually those “horns” that are at the ends of the bike’s handlebar. They are used on Mountain Bike bikes. If we translate literally from English to Portuguese, “bar” means – handlebar and “end” means – end.


Is it worth using it on my bike?


Well, actually it all depends on the type of pedal you want to do. Each cyclist has his opinion and his point of view regarding the use of the “bar-end”. Some never used others with the passage of time saw the need to use and put the accessory on the bike. And there are also those cyclists who used the bar end, changed their style of pedaling and it was withdrawn. That is, it is something very personal.


It has its pros and cons.


On steep climbs are extremely efficient because the rider has the opportunity to potentiate their strength, resulting in a better performance and also a steadier cadence.

Long pedal – for those who enjoy this pedal mode, the bar end is a super important ally because it puts the rider in a rest position. It prevents numbness in the hands and fingers and also helps to relax the shoulders. It is excellent for preventing future tendon injuries because of this type of pedal you stay in the same position for a long time.




Your bike will get some heavier grams and for some cyclists the bar end ends up spoiling the aesthetics of the bike a bit, leaving it a little more … weird.

On more locked trails, it can make your enemy, twigs, and lianas can screw into the accessory and take you to the ground. Caution must be taken when entering the tracks.

It’s worth remembering that you should not support the full weight of the body in the bar end. Especially when attached to aluminum and carbon handlebars. The walls of these types of handlebar are thinner depending on the force and pressure exerted on the bar ends and the clip on handlebars advantage can even break. They are fixed externally by 1 (one) screw.


Most Viewed Models


There are currently several models available in the market. There are aluminum ones, anatomical ones and even those that already come integrated with the mittens.

The most used, even by cost x benefit, are anatomical, they are small, rubberized and very comfortable.

The ergonomic handlebar with integrated end bar is also a good option because it offers a better footprint and pedaling comfort. It prevents undesirable pains on both the shorter and longer pedals. Eleven has this accessory with an excellent cost x benefit.

There are also some bar end models that are secured with the expander. The expander is a pin that goes inside the handlebar and as it tightens the screw it expands and attaches. Usually, this model is most commonly used in iron handlebars.

The installation of the Bar End is quite simple, but my advice is: look for a specialized shop and ask a professional install and regulate the ideal height of the accessory and consequently the brake levers and changes. And remember, the ideal setting is for your wrists to be aligned with your forearm.

The correct way to use it is quite simple. Just rest your palm on the end of the handlebars, where the bar ends are installed and holds it with your thumb.

The tip is … never use the bar end on the descents, depending on the situation there may not be time to take their hands off them and reach the brake levers.


Handlebar clip


I’ve seen some MTB bikes with this accessory and I think it turns out to be somewhat contradictory.

This type of accessory is suitable for road bikes since the cyclist is in a more arched position in order to achieve more speed. In an MTB, if the cyclist is leaning on the clip and passing through a hole, he will not have time to set the brakes and the fall is certain.

The clip disrupts the bike’s handling, disrupts the cyclist’s safety and in cases of more sudden turns it is not functional at all. On triathlon bikes, the shift levers and brakes are inserted into the clip, creating more safety for the rider, since he has all the bike controls in his hands.

In my opinion, this accessory is not a universal clip-on handlebar suitable for MTBs. If you have the desire to reach speeds, just turn on the asphalt, you may need to revise your concepts and change modes and bike.

In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the bar end and the handlebar clip. And if this article somehow helped you and clarified your questions, comment, and share.

Your safety always comes first.