Fear of traffic? Rights and duties of the Cyclist

It is common to find people fear of traffic wanting to pedal, they want to change their lives, get out of the sedentary lifestyle, but then they say they are afraid, especially of traffic. Subject to be dealt with in the following article.

I agree, this is perfectly normal, but it is a fear that can be overcome and I confess that when I started pedaling I also had this fear, and it was no small thing.

I want to pedal, but I’m afraid of traffic

A bicycle is a sensational tool because it has the power to break down barriers, those who enjoy cycling, also like to help; there is a lot of partnership. The galley leaves aside the differences and what matters is to pedal, enjoy the moment, the friends, and enjoy the place, so it is much easier than you imagine losing this fear.

I understand you may be afraid to ask for help from someone you know, embarrassed or embarrassed, it’s normal. Believe me, I’ve even heard people saying that they will not pedal so as not to disturb the rhythm of those who already pedal longer, which will disturb. Please do not think about it. So can you start losing that fear and letting your life really be transformed for the better?

If you are afraid to buy a bike right away and you do not like it, and I doubt you like it, ask for a bike loan, rent a bike, there are already several specialized stores that offer this service. Talk to a friend who has more knowledge, combine pedaling in a group, I assure you it is a sensational experience.

Understanding some of the Transit

Did you know that it is the obligation of the executive and executive bodies of the Union, the States, the Federal District, and the Municipalities to plan, design, regulate and operate the fear of traffic of vehicles and animals, and promote the development and circulation and safety of cyclists? In accordance with Article 21 of the Brazilian Traffic Code.

We need to understand that there are traffic laws and that we must comply with them. Our Traffic Code talks about the rights and duties that we cyclists have. Since there are few cycle paths and cycle paths, if we want the respect of the drivers, we must respect them too, because most of the time we are occupying their space.

But first, let’s make it clear who is the priority in the traffic. In accordance with Article 29 … Transit of vehicles on the roads open to traffic shall comply with the following rules:

Subject to the rules of circulation and conduct established in this article, in descending order, smaller vehicles will always be responsible for the safety of minors, those motorized by non-motorized, and together, for the safety of pedestrians.

That is, firstly the pedestrian, second the cyclist and third the automotive vehicle.

The driver, if you have never ridden, understands why Article 201 of the Brazilian Traffic Code requires you to maintain a distance of 1.5M from the rider.

This is the safe distance between the car and the bike because if the handlebar of a bike hits the car, the cyclist will not have the balance to stay on the bike and the accident will be inevitable.

It can happen from the car or touch the bike, but only the fact of passing next, can scare the cyclist and he falls. Holes, animals, and people can also take the rider out of his way, so this distance is so important for both to live in harmony in traffic. A driver, we cyclists also have our family awaiting us at home.

If this is your first time cycling, or if you’ve cycled a few times, the first tip I’ll take is: Do not go out there venturing into city traffic, our focus here is your safety.

Walk a few times in a quiet neighborhood or park, until fear of traffic you become familiar with the bike, with the flow of cars, people, and other bikes. Or as mentioned above, look for a group where people with more experience can help you.

Every time we pedal, we should always think of the following – The Brazilian Traffic Code says that Bike is considered a vehicle of human propulsion, but it is a vehicle, so we should behave as such, always giving the example for cars, buses, trucks, and motorcycles.

Gesture, indicate with your arms what you will do so that the driver behind you can understand what you want to do. And according to Article 192, it is a serious violation car floor glued to the bikes.

For example, indicate with your right arm that you will turn right, you can be sure that you will be much more respected because whoever comes back will know exactly which path to take.

And walk against the grain? Never

Maybe that’s the most common thing to hear. Oh, I walk against the car for the power to see me.

When pedaling for places where there are no cycle routes or track cycle, according to the Brazilian Traffic Code we should pedal in the street and always in the same direction of the flow of cars. Art. 58. It is ideal; it is the most sensible and the right thing to do.

Let’s imagine some situations:

Who is driving, never imagines that someone comes in the opposite hand of his? The driver parks the car on the right side of a one-way street. When he leaves, he automatically looks in the rearview mirror to see if a car is coming, not coming, engages the first one and leaves, then when less is expected comes a bike in the other hand and the cyclist is run over. Is it the driver’s fault? Never and any fall of bike leaves road rash scar, it pays to be attentive.

95% of accidents involving cyclists, unfortunately, happen in crossings, precisely because they are against. Its alarming data and we can stay out of that statistic.

Now let’s imagine a large trunk truck parked on the street. The person who is going to unload the truck goes to the back door looks behind to see if you can really open the door, not seeing any car it opens. When will that person imagine that a bike comes in the other hand? Never the process of opening the door invades a part of the lane, I believe it from an angle of almost 180 degrees of opening, and the door suddenly hits the bike rider pic.

The cyclist will get hurt; it will ruin your day, the trucker’s day and so many other people. Unfortunately for making the wrong decision to be against.

It’s a matter of seconds, unfortunately not the time to avoid, do not make those wrong decisions that we have heard so much, a reason for you to discourage pedaling, make the journey to your work, your home, your leisure, your physical activity, something pleasurable and that can be done frequently. It’s simple, do it right.

Another thing that we see very often and is wrong is biking on the sidewalk. You cannot, it’s wrong. Unless there is a special permit from the appropriate traffic authority and signaling on the sidewalk, in accordance with Article 59 of the Traffic Code.

The sidewalk is the pedestrian place, children, women, and elderly, visually impaired. They who use the sidewalks, this space belong to them. And never forget, a cyclist can also be fined, it’s law.

According to Art of the Brazilian fear of Traffic Code, to use the sidewalk and cross the pedestrian strip, we must be dismounted from the bike, which is, pushing, so we can be equated with the pedestrian in rights and duties.

There is a survey that has not been done recently, but it is certainly very current for our days. Did you know that, according to scientific studies on collisions, cyclists who pedal in the right hand are about 5 times less likely to get involved in an accident?

So let’s keep an eye out for our attitudes in traffic, this is a very serious and life-saving thing.


Remembering that in the above post were not cited all the articles of the Brazilian Traffic Code that govern the rights and duties of cyclists.

No matter how small the pedaling route, never forget to use the safety accessories.

If somehow the above article helped you, cleared your doubts, then short, comment and make sure to share with your friends.

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