The common question of how to choose a road bike size? This is a subject that still gives enough cloth for manga, each one defends his point of view, and each one has an advantage over the other. The idea is to find the bike that makes you comfortable, gives you safety, and has performed and gives you pleasure on your pedals.

Here I will comment on some details that may help you in deciding which bike to buy, as there are still several different opinions on the subject. About 4 or 5 years ago it was quite complicated to find anything for a 27, 5 rim bike or 29 rims, now you can find everything, and in some bike shop, you find more for rim 29 than for rim 26. The 27.5 rims are still quieter but gradually see them growing.

One thing is certain, they are in the area and one day they will get their slice in the market, just like the rim 29 did. In my opinion, over time it may even replace the rim 26 since each year the search for the 26 wheels has been greatly reduced. The 26 most bikes we see on the market are those that are simple, for walking in parks and short distances.

Choosing a road bike size

I will not go into details of technical information on frame geometry, reach, stack, and so on. Remembering that these two measures will directly affect your positioning on the bike. Even because the intention is to show the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 models available in the market.

You should be asked, but what size frame should I use bike selection tool? What rim should I have the bike I’m going to buy? The answer is: it all depends on how you are going to use the bike. So my advice will always be – always look for a specialized physical store, ride the bike and do a Bike Fit.

Bike Fit: is the suitability of the bike to the rider, i.e. the adjustment of the position and height of the saddle, the length and height of the handlebar, the pedals, among other adjustments. So that the cyclist has more comfort and performance in the pedal since the points that join us to the bike are the saddle, the handlebars, and the pedals

Most pedal group members have rim bikes 29 and pedaling in those groups with a rim bike 26, if you do not have enough leg, it will give you some discomfort and frustration because the larger diameter of the rim wheels 29 make it rotate more, especially on the straight and downhill. But in the climbs to 26 and 27.5 because they are lighter, end up gaining a certain advantage.

Cheap bike wheels

The rim bike 29, by having a larger diameter of the wheels pass more easily by the obstacles, generating more stability, confidence, and safety to the cyclist. It is more stable on terrains not so rough, already in a more technical stretch and with tracks locked the hoops of ring 26 and 27.5 take great advantage as they are lighter and agile.

The Austrian brand KTM has developed a cool study on the angle of attack of the 3 bike models.

People of lower stature have sought out the 27.5 rim bikes because they fit better with the size of the frame, the wheels and especially the weight, since they are a bit lighter, and it is important to remember that the larger the size of the wheels, difficult to optimize frame geometry, especially in small frames.

An important detail for you how to choose a road bike size? to observe at the time of purchase: on a bike rim 29, with frame size 15 “, the tubes are somewhat squeezed, do you agree? Where can be placed support and caramanhola (bottle)? Since they are in the middle of the frame, especially if they are frames with feminine design, where the upper tube is lower, here I mean that of MTB bikes casual and sporty. So ask the attendant to put this equipment on the bike to see if it is comfortable or not for you. The photo below is an example of what apparently the bottle holder will be tightening, making it difficult to put on and take off the cameraman.

Hoop 29 bikes are perfect for casual, sporting and cycling tours. The 27.5 rim bikes are being produced mostly for the All Mountain – MTB size guide where the cyclist aims to practice a sport where he does not suffer on the climbs and has a lot of fun in the descents. Designed for technical tracks and pedals intense. The bikes are equipped with full suspension from 140mm to 180mm and extremely efficient brakes.

Already the future of the bikes of rim 26 is still uncertain, let’s wait and see how the market behaves, there are those who do not replace the rim 26 for anything, even having already tried other models, so the bike is so personal, each one adapts to one, each one chooses its mode and style.

Some manufacturers have already seen the potential that exists in the 27.5 and bet strongly that in the not too distant future they ran in weight by all the countries; Some manufacturers already produce the same models of bike, but one being 27,5 and another 29, is at the discretion of the cyclist as the best option.

Best bicycle brands for beginners

This market has grown and evolved a lot in recent years, we do not know for sure how it will be in the next 5 years, but it will certainly be much better. The German Focus brand has already launched in Europe the 36 Big Birds, which is called the obstacle buster and is a milestone in the history of the world MTB. For us lovers of bikes, the cheer is that the market does not stop even, because we will only win with this.

I started on a 26-marque bike with 24 gears, with the frame smaller than it should be, because I had no idea what that meant, soon after I changed the frame, the bike became more comfortable 18 mountain bike frame size and I got a taste for it until the day that I got a rim 29. Simply sensational, I’m in love with rims 29. I’ve been in the 27.5 too, it’s a bike with quick answers, but I confess that I still prefer the giant wheels of the 29, even because of my height.

Here in this post we comment on some differences, advantages, and disadvantages of the 3 sizes of bike available in the market, if you helped, comment, short and share. Follow Tips on social networks.