Sitting in the saddle of our bike and enjoying how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor? the places and people are a lot of show, but we have to be careful about what we should not do while we ride.

In this post, I will comment briefly on 5 things that we beginners and intermediate cyclists should not do. Those seconds of silliness can wipe out our pedal, with our friends and leave us to soak bruised for a few days. And guys, any fall, even the little ones can hurt.

5 things we should not do while riding a bicycle

Here, in my opinion, some of the care we must take during the pedal.


Cell phone


It is not advisable to answer calls while riding, not even using a headset, the call ends up becoming a distraction. The messages are even worse because their focus shifts to the screen for an even longer time. Let the phone whistle and simply skip what you set out to do, pedaling.

We all carry it to mark our activity in an App, we like to take a photo with our crew, do self and take a photo of the places. But all this must be done when we are totally still.

It’s a tip … Our country is experiencing a huge increase in violence everywhere, so when you take a picture, especially if you’re alone, make sure you do not risk being mugged.




At first, it seems to be something very suggestive and relaxing to enjoy a sound while riding.

But this is also not recommended, even more than most of the time we need to pedal in the middle of traffic, as there are still many bike paths in our country. Then, enjoying that cool sound becomes extremely dangerous. It may be that some car, motorcycle or truck business or someone screams trying to warn you of some danger and you do not hear.

I have seen cases of cyclists who put a phone in the right ear only, leaving the left ear free to hear what is going on around them. Sincerely? I also do not think it’s a good idea, focus on what you’re doing.

Let’s enjoy the sound you like at the right time, whether it’s on a barbecue with your group’s friends or at home after the pedal.


Cell Phone Bag and Handle


These bags are produced to hold various things such as tools, documents, patch kit among other things. And this is very good. But you have to be careful.

So is not advisable to use this type of bag? Yes, it is. Just take care that you do not answer messages on how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor? and move the device while you pedal. This handbag model allows you to use the touch of your phone, so cut your pedal safely and use your smartphone when standing.

Ideally, you should use the bags that go under the saddle. It is also possible to load your tools, reserve cameras and etc. and with the great advantage of not taking your focus from the pedal to the mobile. And believe me, when a message or phone rings, we always look.


Hands off The Handlebar


I always see people pedaling without their hands on the handlebars, and people, it’s a bad thing to just see these scenes. It’s very dangerous.

Let’s imagine that you are pedaling without your hands on the handlebar and suddenly need to divert something, or breakfast because someone is passing in front of you. Or it may still occur that the handlebar turns itself. What would be your reaction?

Probably none, because you will not have time to turn your hands on the handlebars, divert and/or trigger the brakes. You will fall, you will get hurt and it could also end up hurting someone.

I have seen quite often in social networks, cyclists who use one hand to hold the handlebars and the other to take the self. The problem is not to do the self, but to do it by pedaling.

Professional cyclists sometimes pedal without their hands on the handlebars, usually in celebration when a race is won. I do not think so, but they are professionals, they have full control of the bike, they know when and where they can do it.

And except for some exceptions where PNE cyclists (people with special needs) have their bikes modified and are great examples of strength, faith, overcome and dedication to cycling.

So do not try to pedal your one or without both hands, take care of your safety.


Slipper Pedal


Even on short runs, even when riding slowly, I think the slipper is not a good option.

As with any sport, the idea is to use appropriate footwear, be it a tennis shoe or a cycling shoe.

And for those who already use the shoe, he knows that pedaling a slipper is even worse because the foot slides a lot on the foot pedal because it is small and inappropriate for that. Unless the foot pedals have that platform where one side can be used a normal sneaker, and the other can be used the sneaker?

Pedaling slippers for example, besides not giving you a good income is very bad for your safety.

If the slipper slides, your foot can get into the bike chain, it can hit the ground, causing serious injury and damaging your pedal.

Shimano has sandals that can even be used on the foot pedal. Sandals and Croc’s when used should always be attached by the strap at your heel to prevent them from loosening.

You riding the best bicycle but don’t know how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor? and safest is to pedal with cycling shoes, clip-on pedals; the idea is to use them when you are already a pedal time, once you know you already have more control of the bike.

Here in this article, I commented on 5 things we should not do while riding.

And if this article somehow took your doubts and helped you, short, comment and share with your friends, share with your pedal group.


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