How to start cycling – How to choose a bike

Is choosing the first bike a seemingly simple process?


The main theme in this article how to start cycling, we will explore what is so important when choosing the first bike. This is perhaps one of the biggest doubts for those who will start pedaling. But okay this is normal because today has a lot of choices. The determining factor here is that it all depends on how you are going to use the bike.

For example, if you already have a bike at home, take it to a specialist store and make a good review, maybe this bike that is backed up times, serve what you set out. If not, check out some tips that will help you choose.


Best pedal tips


The Pedal Tips does not recommend the use of bikes purchased in the magazine, supermarkets, or any very cheap models for people who are very overweight, especially those that are manufactured in Brazil. They break very easy and the risk of accident with them is very great.

The idea is to look for a specialized store to be able to buy the right bike for you. I often hear from people the following phrase: I’m not a professional, I do not want to compete I want a cheap bike, just to start; I’m going to walk a little.

My questions are the following for the person: do not you buy a Smartphone with the latest technology? The 7’s on the market? When buying a TV do not you look for the most top of the market?

So why the bike has to be anything? Bikes today also have a lot of embedded technology and we are talking first of your safety, your life, and then, regardless of how you will use the bike, we are talking about comfort.

You should feel pleasure on how to start cycling. You must have that feeling of today is a day of pedaling, whether alone, in a group or in a short displacement, but the sensation must be the same, pure pleasure.


Ask some questions for yourself,


How do I intend to use the bike? Do I like speed? Will I use it for short journeys? Type homework, homeschool. Will I use it as a means of transportation? Want to use the bike to lose weight? Is it just a pedal in a group, with the wife, and leisure?

Do not rush, search hard, go to a serious store, talk to a professional who wants to encourage you to pedal and not just sell you a bike.

Talk to a friend who already pedals, borrow a bike, rent one, today there are several stores that provide this type of service.

Many people will how to ride a bicycle for the first time and say that he did not like it, that his body hurt too much, that his ass hurt, his legs ached, and if that happens he will say that pedaling is bad, it hurts everything, but in fact, all this what? Because maybe he went to pedal with the bike of the wrong size, with the height of the wrong saddle, in the wrong position and this all influences the pedaling too much.

I went to do a pedal with a friend and talked to him about exactly what I always hear. People want an iPhone 7, want the Samsung S7, Smart TV of the moment, the Tablet more top, and because when it comes to buying a bike, which is something that will bring so much benefit in her life, she decides to buy something “cheap”.

Remember, cheap is always expensive, your life, your health, and well-being thank you if you invest in a more suitable bike. Disadvantages of buying a cheap bike;

Because it is a cheap bicycle near me, therefore the parts are not of quality, so if you go out to make a pedal and like it, you cannot do upgrade on these bikes, especially if the frame is of a heavy material, the parts are limited.

In other words, you will not be able to sell for the price you paid, thus creating a loss of capital, or even leaving it thrown in a corner of your house and falling into oblivion. Either way, its money is thrown away.

Carbon steel bikes, for group rides or physical activity, are extremely heavy, which creates great discomfort and muscle pain.


See below some types of bike and the most indicated use:


Mountain Bike – MTB


I believe to be the most versatile model of bikes available in the market. Suitable for rough, uneven and unpaved terrain, and is also very efficient on asphalt.

It is certainly the mode of cycling that has the most variety of prices and models on the market.

It is the style of bike that can take you to places where no other could take you, ideal for those who enjoy adventure, beautiful landscapes, to reach a waterfall, for example.

An ordinary bike takes you to ordinary places, transports you, but the MTB goes beyond any limit, it takes you beyond.

If you need to cross a river, just put the bike on your back and walk, walk over a fallen tree, cross a mire, rocks and large roots.

Currently the preference is MTB rim 29, I have particularly seen less and less MTB of rim 26, and in my opinion, it is a matter of time until they start to disappear from the market, of course, the spare parts will still be because there is still a lot of hoop 26 running.


But it’s easy to see especially in the groups and events of MTB that the rim 29 took hold.


They are actually more comfortable how to start cycling, pass through holes and obstacles more easily because of the diameter of the wheels.

They work harder and have greater braking power, especially on models that already have hydraulic brakes.



The hybrid bicycles come equipped with wheels rim 700, which is the same diameter as the rim 29, but its thickness is smaller. The tires range from 700 × 28 to in some cases 700 × 45, the ideal measure is 700 × 38. But these tires are not as smooth as Road Bikes.

Hybrid bike sizing is in that gap between Road Bike and MTB. Unite the comfort of MTB, the speed, and agility of Speed. They spin super-fast on asphalt and beaten dirt roads, without rocks and holes.

Some models come without suspension, with a hard aluminum fork, others already come with suspension with lock, and the ideal is that when walking on the asphalt it is locked, because the simple swing of the suspension, although not seem, generates a large waste of energy.

Hybrid bikes have support for the tailgate and fenders; this style of bike is very used in cities and cycle tourism, being lighter than MTBS. They are bikes that use calibration below 90 PSI, which generates greater comfort for the cyclist because it better absorbs the asphalt deformities of our cities.

This year Sense Bikes, a national company, launched Urban Active (photo above). Equipped with 700 × 38 tires, aluminum frame and fork, disc brakes, shifters, and Shimano 24V Rear Shift. It is worth knowing the bike.


Usually, these bikes are made up of wheels rim 20. They come with luggage rack and fenders, ideal for those who do not have much space at home, for those who go from bike to work and it can be stored in your office without taking up much space. The frame is unique in size, ideal for different heights of cyclists.

Recommended for use in short stretches, in large cities, because those who use public transport can and can take this bike inside the transport because it can be considered with luggage.

If you prefer to take the folding bike inside your car’s trunk, keep the car in a safe place for the remainder of the bike ride, or as soon as you leave work, pedal about 30 minutes, about 3x a week and gain quality of life.


Speed or Road Bikes


Equipped also with 700 wheels, drop style handlebar, only in this style of bike the tires are from 700 × 23 to 700x28mm wide and are smooth or slick as they are called.

The saddle sits higher than the handlebar, making the cyclist ride in a well-arched position. Causing discomfort in the back and shoulders, until he becomes accustomed.

Being quite light Speed bikes are quite agile and fast in traffic.




Usually, they come equipped with rim 26 wheels, wider tires, high handlebars, wider and comfortable seat, some models provide the height adjustment of the handlebar bracket.

Super stable bike style, a good option for those who want to gain safety on the pedal.

Great choice for those who want to walk in parks, condominiums and enjoy how to start cycling the path that is pedaling, to pedal without haste. It also became a good bike for family outings.

NOTE: If you are informed when you are buying a bike in a magazine or supermarket, it is generally not guaranteed to the customer, these bikes are disassembled inside the box, or already assembled and without revision, with loose parts and deregulated gears.

You will have to go to a specialized store and pay for the assembly and revision, the cost of a revision of this is something around $ 80.00, of course it varies from region to region, so research well, look for a store specialized to buy your bike, you will see that it is worth.

In this post, we talk about the types of bike that exist, if it helped you decide short, comment and share with friends. Follow Tips on social networks.


Stay with God and good pedal.