Essential on a bicycle touring tips to the best cycling trek. For some men, it seems that staying one or more days without a bath go there, nothing extraordinary can really happen. But for women, this can be a problem that goes beyond the stench of days when it was not possible to take that shower after the whole day of the pedal.


On a trip where lodging for free is a priority, read on, camping where to find a place for your tent at the end of the day, there is not always a faucet, which will say a shower or a creek to bathe.


What is cycle touring?


In the first trips, he improvised a bath throwing water with the caramanhola but ended up spending a lot of water in that rough bath that did not clean anything.

After we hosted a couple of French people who ended their trip to Florida, we took the tip to have “always clean nights” without spending money with wet wipes. We sew a sort of fingerless glove with pieces of an old cotton T-shirt. In this “bath”, I got my record in minimum spent water, 200ml!

Of course in days of little water washing the hair does not give, so I passed the machine and I sent the curls away, to the horror of my mother. This was also important the best bicycle touring tips for health because several cold nights would sleep with wet hair inside an unheated tent!

In addition, we do not use sunscreen cream. Our blocker is really physical and is called “Rope Comprisal e Bone”; even on the days when I feel like riding a bikini there, we are full of clothes.

But the long clothing has its advantages, one of them is that all the mackerel of the road, dust, and soot that would stick to your sweat and would make dough run with your sunscreen, are barred by clothing, so the glove bath is facilitated.

Another advantage is the cost with the cost of the protector, besides, these creams have so much chemistry in the composition that I do not know what is more carcinogenic, whether it is the midday sun or this much of crap penetrating the pores of our skin.


Sometimes I wanted to take a nice bath, but we were camping in the company of other people, or it was still too cold outside the tent to get low on clothes.


In these cases the bicycle touring tips, I used a small bucket, made with a 5L bottle of water cut. In addition to saving a good amount of water with the help of the bucket, you could still use it to wash clothes and not discard the residue of soap in the water, and still had the possibility to wash the dishes and brush your teeth inside the comfort of our “home” nylon on those days of dreadful cold outside.


For the ultra-intimate, the combination of pedaling all day long with a lack of a nice shower at the end of the day can generate a proliferation of undesirable things, especially if your body is not 100%, low immunity, and this usually comes with several days of poor eating, so common in a long bike trip. I have no training in the medical field, it would be nice to know from gynecologists and nutritionists who also pedal what can be done about it.


Before the trip, I consulted a gynecologist, because always after a longer pedal I felt discomfort and did not want this to happen anymore.

I figured it might be Candidiasis, and to treat only what she did was prescribe an antibiotic pump. No thank you!

But within my ignorance, seeking better hygiene and comfort with natural methods, my practical experience has proven that some measures have collaborated to diminish the proliferation of these fungi that cause the candidiasis.

I also found an account bicycle touring tips of a cyclist who circled the world in the 1990s, talking about the benefits of oregano tea. One of the measures I took was to reduce the consumption of gluten, when possible during the trip, and for several months I stopped consuming milk and derivatives completely.

These two are the main foods for fungi. Another measure was the sanitization of these body parts with tissues for the intimate area, and when it was not possible to find this product in the places we passed, I used a cloth tissue soaked in oregano tea to sanitize.


According to the tip of the cyclist quoted above, I have proven in this more than one year of travel that the oregano tea helps a lot, but it does not solve completely. Even so, it was possible to ally long crossings in remote areas (which are very often linked to water scarcity), without passing through discomforts in the intimate areas.

After returning to Brazil, still in the Amazon, due to the great ease of finding fruits and an immense variety of foods, we completely stopped the consumption of gluten, and I saw disappear any vestige of this discomfort I had before (sensitivity, itching, etc.) even pedaling in this super-hot weather and not being able to take a shower every day.

Healthy eating is able to help you solve problems you never imagined! There are countless articles on the internet talking about the relationship between food and candidiasis find out and try it, but for disillusionment, talk to your gynecologist as well.


The time of cycle trip planner or “Hiding behind the bush”


This is something that on a bike trip you will have to learn to deal with! For your sake. There will not always be a gas station with a toilet on your horizon when nature calls.

And nowadays I find even better the famous “shit in the bush”, behind the bush there is more peace than a disgusting accent lined with toilet paper in the best “old lady’s game” style, you can be sure of that!

So be prepared and always leave in easy access a shovel, which can be of the same gardening, toilet paper, a bottle of water and your shoes, and if your time is at night, a flashlight is also good.

Be careful to do the service a good 100 meters from any source of water, and also far enough from the area where you camp, and after you make your bicycle touring tips hole in the ground have the goodness to cover up for anyone to step on your dirt and not attract insects and other animals.


You can leave the paper buried there with the deceased, which Mother Nature is in charge of degrading. Many national parks in Argentina also advise this method of the ecological toilet in the free camping areas.


There are those who say that the position of bowel movement, in the natural, is even more beneficial to the body than the sitting position, but I have seen this for some time and I do not even remember where I read it. A greener alternative would be to refrain from using toilet paper and carry a small bottle of water for your hygiene, in addition to the nature to degrade your gift more quickly; you will avoid rashes throughout the day of the pedal.


If there is not a bush nearby and not a bathroom to hide your butt in these moments of tension, I’m reading bicycle touring tips in some site of these foreign cycle routes, a nice tip, I have not had the displeasure to test, but I know that more time, less time, this moment may come (and I cannot find the damn link, sorry!). I confess that I’m terrified of having to resort to this technique.


Here’s the thing: always have some bag of paper like the ones you put on bread, tucked away somewhere in your bicycle baggage, for the moments where it’s impossible to dig a good grave in a more private place of the other’s vision.


Then set up a hidden corner, prepare your little bag and shit in the paper bag and take it with you to a place where you can bury it. Make sure the bag has no traces previously! It may even seem very disgusting, but in certain situations, it may be the only way out!


Oh, I just remembered another alternative in the question of bags to carry your excrement in extreme situations, rather than the paper bag, now some supermarkets offer “Oxi-biodegradable” bags, which means that if you bury it, it will degrade much more quickly than ordinary plastic bags.

So on the next purchase, save some of them, go that, right?!