The bicycle market has grown a lot in our country from time to time; people have used bike gear kit the skinny as a means of transportation, physical activity, and leisure.

Many say that it is a fashion, but I believe it is a trend, that growth does not stop, and with that also grow brands that try to get their share in the market after all the sun is born for everyone.

Best bicycle brands in the world

Several brands are concerned about the quality of the products they place on the market, aiming at the well-being and safety of cyclists, but there are also companies that place products with low prices, companies without know-how, that simply see an opportunity to enter in a very promising market, but the quality of these products is as low as the price and that is where you have to be very careful.

Founded in 1921, the Japanese Shimano has a complete transmission line and brakes for MTB bikes, Ride and Road Bikes, or Road Bikes. They are functional groups from the brand entry model. In my opinion the best cost x benefit of this huge market.

The company invests in high technology, always seeking the maximum until reaching the almost perfection so that it reaches in our hand’s products efficient, durable and of easy handling.

Each transmission group has its specific function so that you invest right on your bike gear kit and have much more safety, comfort and pleasure in your pedal. When entering a Bike Shop, make it clear to the attendant how you will use the bike so as not to run the risk of having future problems.

I will comment below on some Shimano models and what rating and style they fit. In the case of MTB the use of light trails, sports, casual and cycling. In the case of Road Bikes only the line of beginners and enthusiasts. It will be commented on the 2017 components.

Some bikes come with mixed components such as Shimano Altus brake, Shimano Acera Shift Lever, Shimano Shift Alternate Shift, Shimano Tourney Shift Front, is that bad? No. Then why should I give preference to the whole group?

When you buy a bike with the Shimano Altus Complete Group, for example, you have the certainty of complete compatibility between the components, that is, you can extract the maximum that each component can offer you, and in a bike with mixed components, it is wasted what components have the best.

For example, on a bike with the Alternate rear shifter, Altera front shifter, and Altus shifters, what’s best is the Alternate rear shifter, and as they are not compatible, we cannot extract their best performance.

Usually, automakers mix components to lower costs, but it’s important to remember that those bikes that have this mix are also functional.

Shimano indicates the use of the complete kit, gears, brakes, chain, cassette, gear levers and so on so that your bike has less wear and tear on the gear ratio and less frequently dumps. So we cyclists can enjoy a more stable performance and with less possibility of problems.

MTB Casual and Sports

Shimano Tourney and Tourney TX. 21V and 24V – are basic components, however very functional for urban, casual use, are the MTB sports bikes, generally used by novice cyclists. For turning on asphalt and short paths of the ground road. Uses mechanical disc brakes.

Shimano Altus 24V and 27V – excellent cost x benefit. MTB casual and sporty, suitable for light tracks, dirt road, and asphalt. For bikes that use suspension with a short stroke. It has high performance in shifting gears; the best bike gear kit exchanges are smooth and very light. Usually uses hydraulic disc brakes, in some cases the mechanical brake.

Shimano Acer 24V e27V – quick, accurate, easier and consistent exchanges are more durable and durable than the group mentioned above. Indicated for urban use, light trails, dirt road, and bicycle touring. There are a few bikes on the market that are assembled with the Shimano Acer rear-end, but 24V. This is the case of the GT Timberline, a great cost x benefit has a great frame geometry. In this kit, the brakes are to hydraulic disc.

Shimano Relief 27V – compact and integrated, also used in light tracks and long distances of the road of ground and cicloturismo. This bike model names already have the gear shifter integrated with the brake lever, with a clean appearance and optimized running gear. This group of components has the great advantage of not presenting problems frequently. It already has hydraulic brakes, for better control and stability in braking.

There are more sophisticated groups than those mentioned above, however, they are for heavier trails, they are a line more geared towards professional cycling. They are Deore, SLX, XT and XTR which is the top of the MTB line.

Galena is very important to remember that the groups mentioned above, Tourney, Altus, Acera, and Relief are used for casual and sporting MTB, not being suitable for heavy tracks.

Using these groups on heavy tracks may cause component breakdowns and may jeopardize your safety. So if you intend to make a heavy trail, invest in something created for it, because your safety always comes first.

Road Bike or Bike Speed

Shimano Tourney A070 14V – used on road racer bicycle casual, has a gear ratio well suited for urban use, for not so long displacements. Kind of a good bike to avoid traffic, because they are very light and fast. It can be equipped with Caloi 10 or DCL levers, Dual Controller Lever, which are the gear levers integrated with the brakes.

It is what I recommend to use more, pay a little more on the bikes that have this system, but will offer you much more safety, since, in the levers Caloi 10 style, you need to take your hand off the handlebar to make the gear, since DCL is not necessary, you have all the commands right at hand.

Shimano Claris 16V – great cost-benefit for enthusiasts and people who are keen on road competitions for beginners, or simply for those who like me to ride a little faster on their Road Bike, just to enjoy without the intention of competing. It has the characteristic of offering light, precise and super-efficient exchanges.

It comes equipped with strong brakes and the hubs have a super smooth rotation. The great advantage of Road Bikes equipped with this group is that they are durable and have low maintenance. Caloi Strata, Soul 1R1 and Groove Overdrive 50 comes with Shimano Claris and are easily found in the national market and cost an average of R $ 3,000.00.

Shimano Sora 18V – is a more robust group, is more comfortable and with more resources, thus generating a more sporty pedaling for beginner cyclists and enthusiasts. The gear shifts are lighter and more accurate, mainly because of the new front shifter design. It has gained 20% in the performance of the brakes because the brake caliper has a double pivot.

As in the MTB’S the Road Bikes also has a line focused on professional cycling. They are Tiagra, 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace, which is the top of the manufacturer’s line. They are groups of high performance and technology.

Research well, be absolutely sure of the use you will make of your bike, be it MTB or Road Bike, do your physical activity, your leisure, pedal, meet different places.

My first bike had the Shimano Altus 24V kit and mechanical disc brakes, my first rim had a 27V Shimano Relief bike gear kit and currently pedal an MTB with Shimano Acera of 24V and a Road Bike with Shimano Claris 16V kit. Both are sensational, mainly for the cost x benefit that they provide in my pedals.

I n this post, we comment on the kits that are used on bikes, both MTB and Road Bikes. If we can help with your decision, comment, short and share. Follow Pedal Tips on social networks.

Always use safety equipment, good foot pedals, and have God.